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Wedding Scrapbooks

From your invitations to your 'Thanks You' cards, and every amazing picture and keepsake in between the two, there is possibly no scrapbook as important and exciting to make as your wedding scrapbook. The possibilities for these pages are truly endless, with the only limit being your creativity! Whether you'll be creating Wedding Scrapbooks from photos friends took and shared, or images printed from professionally-photographed proofs, we have styles and sizes to suit every new couple's preference. Now get to making a list of all you'd like to keep and catalog! The tags from your gown, the receipt from his tuxedo, even the manic notes you scribbled to remind yourself to call the caterer, check on the linens, make a final decision about your flowers. Collect a complete 'picture' of your wedding from beginning to...well, new beginning! And when you've applied the final photo corner, you'll have a wonderful Wedding Scrapbook to enjoy for years to come.