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Keep Your Special Day Alive With These Wedding Scrapbooks

Although countless hours are spent planning and preparing for them, weddings come and go in the blink of an eye, leaving only memories in the wake of all of the smiles and laughter. Memories are fragile, so if you're a bride or groom who'd like to hold onto them, it's a good idea to keep various tokens of the day on hand. Whether you have photos, documents, or newspaper clippings related to your special day, StorePhotos.com has Wedding Scrapbooks that are perfect for collecting and keeping them all!

Each of our wedding scrapbooks conforms to the traditional wedding motif, featuring a white cover that shines as brilliantly as the bride's dress. You'll undoubtedly have a lot of perfect pictures, but there's no need to worry; most of these albums have a length and width of 12 inches, giving you plenty of room for your memories! Like each of our products, all our Wedding Scrapbooks are free of acid, lignin, and PVC, and include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your memories will be safe for years to come!

  • Ready to be completed with your own favorite bride and groom pic, and the words “our wedding” underneath, our Pioneer Metal Appliqué Wedding Scrapbooks are a popular pick. This cream colored album is at once modern and timeless, just like your love!

  • Want something to really wrap things up? Our 3-ring Wedding Scrapbooks have a rich black interior that provides a nice contrast to the cream-colored outside.

  • Maybe you're a friend of the bride and groom looking for a memorable, meaningful gift? Check out our Diamond Fabric Scrapbooks, complete with a white ribbon. This top loading scrapbook comes ready-to-fill with 20 pages and accepts unlimited refills, so regardless of how high the mountain of memories extends, the happy couple will have no problem fitting them in. Begin the album before gifting it by including all the fun shots you snapped at their wedding. The bride and groom are so busy they miss a lot of the fun being had at their wedding. Show them what an amazing time everyone had!

Once those bells start ringing, a sea of memories lie in wait, and you won't want to lose a second of them. So stop by StorePhotos.com and pick up one of these fine Wedding Scrapbooks today!