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The Art of Wedding Scrapbooking – With a Little Help from Your Friends

Your wedding day is one of the only days that you get to feel like a celebrity. Everyone is going to snap your picture when you walk into the room. Take advantage of your friends and family's paparazzi-like nature and do some wedding scrapbooking with their photos!

I'm Your Biggest Fan

A scrapbook like this will really organize itself. Everyone is going to take pictures of you walking down the aisle, and everyone is going to be positioned in a different spot on your way up. Take advantage of all the different viewpoints and devote a few pages to it. Since you'll have so many different pictures, it might be fun to put these “paparazzi” photos together like a tabloid magazine. Use fun headlines like “Bride Takes A Walk!” or “One Step Closer!” to really punch it up. You might even want to include some Caption Stickers in your wedding scrapbooking project to really give it that tabloid feel.

Everyone at your reception is going to focus on something different. Your aunt might get a funny picture of your uncle dancing— maybe that was something you didn't see. Think of everybody as a photographer. Call them up before the wedding and ask if you'll be able to look through their pictures afterward. It would be a good idea to offer to pay for extra prints— after all, this wedding scrapbooking project was your idea! If your friends are willing, it might be fun to get them to write their own captions. After all, they took the pictures. They'd be the best people to describe what's really going on. However, you can feel free to paraphrase their thoughts in order to fit your paparazzi-themed project.

Keep It Fun!

You've seen the tabloid magazines in the supermarket checkout line, so you know that many of the photographs aren't flattering. And that's okay! You'll have the professional photo album if you want to look back and remember how beautiful the day was. This wedding scrapbooking project is supposed to be silly. It's okay if you use a picture of you with your tongue sticking out! In fact, the sillier the pictures, the better. Years down the line, it'll be fun to look back on the two different wedding albums. After all, the professional photos will be beautiful— but the paparazzi photos will be unique!