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Share the Memories with Family in Wedding Picture Albums

First weddings in the family are a huge celebration. Second weddings too! Okay, you’ve got to admit, nearly every wedding is a ‘family affair,’ which is why everyone who has helped you with the wedding deserves their own picture albums to remember the blissful union by. Rather than your typical thank you gifts for mothers, bridesmaids and new sisters, why not fill wedding picture albums with intimate, personal touches. Compile photo memories that both you and she will enjoy years later.

Mother to the Bride Wedding Picture Albums

Mothers, and mothers-in-law, will love having a reminder of one of the most emotional days of her life. Watching her little lady be given away – or welcoming a new daughter to her family – it’s a big moment. Pick one of our wedding picture albums to hold all the best family shots, the old family and the new, bigger family, all together for her to enjoy and share.

Bridesmaids Wedding Albums

What better way to thank your diligent bridesmaids for all of their help and support, than with fun filled wedding picture albums. If you can, get pictures from all your favorite moments. Sneakily ask them to send you some of their shots to print and include! Get photos from the engagement party, dress shopping, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and many smaller occasions when your bridesmaids were there for you. Then use quote stickers and decals to make each one special. If you don’t have the time, just the albums themselves will make great gifts. Our high quality wedding picture albums are gift worthy all on their own.

Sister Wedding Albums

Say thanks to the one lady you couldn’t have done without. Whether through blood or just enduring friendship, the one lady who’s just like a sister will love getting a gift from you after the entire wedding is through. Make her a special keepsake with one of our wedding picture albums. Create an album for your sister by including many more photos from before the wedding. Find photos from when the three of you; you, your groom, and your bridesmaid, all used to go out together.

Find the perfect wedding picture albums to give as gifts to the ladies who supported you through your wedding. Here at StorePhotos.com, you’ll find both wedding picture scrapbooks and wedding photo albums!