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All You Need to Start Vacation Scrapbooking

Do you start every trip with a checklist? There are so many things to remember and include; suntan lotion, swim clothes, beach towels, camera, spare batteries, the list goes on and on. While you’re busy making a packing list, you’ve also plotted the course to your trip. Each and every stop is planned to save time (and gas!). So why not plan out your vacation scrapbooking project just as thoroughly. Here are a few vacation strategies you can apply to your next scrapbooking project!

Photo Opportunities

There are going to be so many great memories, for some destinations you even have the perfect photo all planned out. While other pages have an assortment of different photos, the special photo where you “hold” the Washington Monument should get its own page. You took 10 minutes just trying to get the shot right, why not immortalize all that effort in the perfect scrapbooking page. This can be a solo page of your “must have” photo, with decorations to match the place it was taken. You can also save all of the goof up shots to print and add to your scrapbooking page. All these “not quite right” photos can frame the perfect one for a neat page layout, showing all the effort you put into getting it right!

Musical Montage

Every great movie road trip has a musical montage. Maybe you’re making your own musical montage with road trip CD’s and special playlists. Use lyrics and album art for vacation scrapbooking decorations and inspiration. If you made a special driving CD, make a pocket to store the CD as part of your vacation scrapbook so you’ll be able to remember the complete experience!

Pit Stops

Vacation scrapbooking pit stops are the breaks you’re going to give yourself every so often. If you’ve been seriously on a roll with your vacation scrapbooking, take a break and enjoy what you’ve done for so far. Each scrapbook is a journey and experience, even if you feel like rushing through to finish your vacation scrapbooking before your next trip. Take your time to place everything exactly the way you want.

The best part about vacation scrapbooking is unlike the trip, you can go back and fix things and add to your pages. Find all your vacation scrapbooking supplies here at StorePhotos.com.