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A Travel Photo Album And So Much More

A travel photo album doesn’t have to be reserved only for capturing the traditional vacation memories. We have put together our favorite travel photo album uses to help guide you through some creative gift-giving!

Present a travel photo album for a wedding or shower to be used specifically for the honeymoon. Our “Memories” embroidered patch pocket travel photo album is a classy choice for the couple. Plus, the cover features a handy frame; to add a special touch, insert a picture of the destination location. For example, if the newlyweds will be traveling to Ireland, insert a small image of a map of Ireland, or a small photo of an Irish castle.

Is a loved one taking a big journey? Send off with a smile and a “Bon Voyage” travel photo album. Our map frame bi-directional travel photo album has the perfect travel-themed cover design, and features memo space so captions can be added.

Perhaps someone you care about is moving. Put together a travel photo album of times you have shared and places you have visited together. Your loved one will never feel far from “home”!

A travel photo album can also be a gift for the graduate to be used as a photo journal as the graduate explores a whole new world. This is also a good choice for your son or daughter who is going away to study abroad, or for the exchange student to whom you are opening your home.

For those who thrive on adventure and brave a cross-country trip, a travel photo album is a wonderful way to commemorate each stop, state, or landmark visited. Athletes who travel to various competitions will also appreciate a travel photo album to remember each race, match, or game.

Do you know someone who loves to go to concerts or major league sporting events? A travel photo album provides an easy way for that person to capture and document each wonderful entertainment experience, and can even be used for ticket stubs as well.