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Shoot in Panorama for Starling Summer Scrapbooking Pages

Summers give you a great opportunity to get the most out of your camera’s landscape and panorama modes. Landscapes, sky high landmarks and big city skylines are all captured perfectly in the wide photo modes, making really unique summer scrapbooking pages.

Most new cameras have at least one function or mode to take wide landscape style photographs. If you experiment with those modes, you can take some untraditional shots that look amazing in summer scrapbooking projects. Some modes will let you take three photos that will be joined into one long photograph. Other modes will give you a “widescreen” view cutting off the top and bottom of what you can regularly view on your screen. The end result is about the same, you get gorgeous wide photographs that look amazing in 4 x 12 summer scrapbooking albums and regular scrapbooking pages.

How do you use panorama mode?

Most camera guides can easily explain how to use the panorama function of your camera, but to get really stunning panorama shots for your summer scrapbooking projects keep these tips in mind:

  • Using the rule of thirds is now uneven. If you want to place your object of focus in a dramatic position, such as a person in front of the Grand Canyon, place them in the third of the photo. In a moving panorama mode where you take three photos and your camera puts them together, you’ll have to either start the shot on the person or end on them. Try not to let them fall off the edge of the photo!

  • Different lighting conditions of a shot can make your picture look unbalanced. For this reason, panorama mode is perfect for those far off landscape shots where lighting is consistent and seamless. Close up; if your camera is taking multiple images to make one long shot, you might not have a consistent look, though you might like what you get!

  • Use the panorama mode to take one long vertical shot of tall buildings and landmarks. Think of how much more amazing that shot of the Statute of Liberty will be in your summer scrapbooking project as a long vertical photo. Try turning your camera on its side for vertical summer shots rather than just getting a long horizontal shot.

Summer scrapbooking projects start with great photos. Panorama mode will make amazing page long layouts that show off the awe inspiring size of national landmarks in a summer scrapbooking album from StorePhotos.com.