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10 Signs You Have a Scrapbooks for Sale Problem

Do people immediately assume you’re working on a scrapbook at all times? This is just one of the signs that you have a scrapbooking addiction, which goes hand in hand with your scrapbooks for saletext problem.

10 signs you have a scrapbooking addition:

1. You can’t say no once you see there are scrapbooks for sale. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, whether you have three Christmas scrapbooks on the self, or a pile of photos sitting on top of your latest album. You can be in the middle of three scrapbooking projects and still find a reason to start a third.

2. People come up to you and ask about your latest big deal on scrapbooks for sale or the project that you’re working on, rather than anything else happening in your life.

3. You don’t have the time to scrapbook, but you’re going to prepare with scrapbooks and supplies “just in case.”

4. As soon as a new engagement is announced, everybody assumes you’ll be handling the new couple’s wedding scrapbook… and the eventual baby scrapbook as well.

5. Your go-to gift for every holiday, birthday and anniversary is a scrapbook. As soon as you realize one’s approaching, you find scrapbooks for sale, head to the photo printer and start working on a scrapbook gift!

6. Your solution for a last minute gift is always a blank scrapbook. You’ll throw together a scrapbook and some accessories into a basket or bag for an instant gift – for any occasion.

7. You look at every photo thinking, “How am I going to scrapbook this? What backgrounds can I put with this photo?”

8. You don’t have a craft table, but an entire scrapbooking room in your house.

9. You have more empty scrapbooks than you do upcoming projects. Rather than finding more scrapbooks for sale, it’s time to find photos and scrapbooking accessories to go with all of your very nice scrapbooks.

10. Finally, the biggest sign that you have a scrapbooking addiction is that you’re ALWAYS looking for more scrapbooks for sale.

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