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Scrapbooks: Year Round Project

At StorePhotos.com, we have a lot of visitors who are seeking inspiration for a particular scrapbooking project. There are many people out there who have the desire and drive to put forth the effort to create beautiful scrapbooks. The only problem is that they don't know where to start. For many people, getting out of the starting block can be a challenging step. All you need is that original idea to light the fire and then you take off running. For some people, once you've determined the direction you are taking, you get on a roll and it is difficult to stop.

Therefore, we wanted to take the time to try and provide you with perhaps an idea you can use to get on a roll. Creating scrapbooks can be so much fun, that it would be sad if the only reason you didn't participate is because you didn't have a starting point. We've written several articles in the past talking about various types of themes you can use for your scrapbooks: Graduation, travel, weddings, and so forth. But for this article, we have a more all-encompassing suggestion: A year round scrapbook.

What is a year round scrapbook?

A year round scrapbook is more of a general approach to scrapbooking. Rather than focusing on one specific topic such as graduation, you can literally draw from an entire year's worth experiences and pictures. Think of how many things happen to you in the course of a year. It can even be hard to remember everything that happens if you don't have pictures to remind you. That is why scrapbooks focused on an entire year may be more interesting for someone looking for inspiration.

A scrapbook of this nature still does need some sort of structure. You can start with the holidays. There are enough holidays throughout the year to make several interesting scrapbook pages. One page can show you and your best friends bringing in the new year. You can have a page dedicated to the romantic dinner you had with your significant other on Valentine's day. Planning on having a 4th of July picnic this year? Take pictures. Don't forget to include a page about the Jack-o-lanterns you carved with your children. Then finish up with pictures of all the great gifts you got for Christmas.

Then for the rest of the pages you can include transitions between the holidays, the seasons, and the people who come into your life. We are always meeting new people. Any time something significant happens, you can add it to your project. Once you've finished up, you may have one of the most unique and sentimental scrapbooks ever created!

If this project sounds like something you are interested in, make sure to visit StorePhotos.com. We have many different scrapbooks and scrapbook supplies that you can use to get yourself started. Good luck!