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Scrapbooking: For all Occasions

Although print photographs are turning into a thing of the past, thanks to digital photography, that doesn't mean that scrapbooking is also on the endangered species list. Scrapbooking is a time honored tradition of bringing together your favorite memories, recognizing certain achievements, or simply to keep your pictures organized. Even if you have a digital camera, you can still print out physical copies to include into your project. Scrapbooking is a process that helps you reminisce about some of the highlights of your life, to honor the life of a friend or family member, and it can also be very therapeutic.

There are plenty of reasons to compile a scrapbook. Sometimes we at StorePhotos.com receive messages that go something like this: “Hello, I've always wanted to put together a scrapbook, but I don't know what to make my scrapbook about. Can you help?” Yes we can. We wanted to put together a few ideas that would make perfect topics for your scrapbooking project.

Graduation Scrapbooks

Graduation marks an excellent time to document achievement. Whether you have a child graduating from high school or college, or you have an older friend or family member finishing up a higher level degree, it is a great opportunity for scrapbooking. During the process of finishing up school, a student has to go through many trials and experiences. Throw in any extracurricular activities and you have plenty of material to work with. All you need to do is gather up photos of the person as they progressed through this particular stage in their life, put them in a Pioneer scrapbook, add some decorations and you have an amazing gift for someone once they've attained their degree. Scrapbooking can take a while though, so don't wait too long to start.

Travel Scrapbooks

If you are someone who likes to visit places all over the planet, you have yet another great opportunity for scrapbooking. What is one thing that is synonymous with traveling? Taking pictures. We always love to take pictures to document all of the places we've been. Why not organize all of these pictures into a scrapbook? This way, you will be able to show others all of the places you've visited, and you always have something to do with all of those beautiful pictures.

These are just some ideas for you to use as you starting point for your scrapbooking project. We wish you the best of luck and remember: We are always here to answer any questions you may have.