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Must-Have Scrapbooking Supplies For Every Scrapper

Scrapbooking takes more than just creativity you need the right supplies, too. So, as you look to start scrapbooking, be sure to go through this quick checklist to make sure you have everything needed to create a beautiful, memorable scrapbook:

1.) First off, take a look at your Scrapbooking Supplies and take stock: do you actually have a real scrapbook to start storing photos and keepsakes in? If not, be sure to pick up one from the selection at StorePhotos.com. Our Pioneer Scrapbooks are made to be archival-safe, and come with acid-free pages to keep your photos looking beautiful. Plus, with tons of great designs to choose from, you'll have no problem finding the right fit for any photo collection.

2.) Next, take a look and see if you have additional paper. If not, you may want to stock up on some sheets in different colors so that you always have enough to mat your photos or add personality to your pages. Play around with textured papers to add dimension, or go with patterned paper for a fun look.

3.) Scrapbook refill pages are always essential in terms of Scrapbooking Supplies, so make sure you have some on hand should your scrapbook run out of space. Just be sure to buy the right size for your scrapbook albums.

4.) Photo Adhesives are also important to scrapbooking, as the wrong kind of adhesive can leave you stuck with photos and embellishments that just don't stay put. Make sure your scrapbook stays together by getting strong, Acid-Free Adhesives from the selection of scrapbooking supplies at StorePhotos.com.

5.) Finally, make sure that you can complete your scrapbook with the right personality by stocking up on a selection of embellishments and decorative scrapbooking supplies. Colorful markers, Gel Pens, Craft Scissors, Scrapbooking Templates, and Stickers are just some of the scrapbook details you should always have around when you're planning to scrapbook.