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Scrapbooking Stickers: Have Some Fun

If you are working on a scrapbook that is intended to be a gift, you can't forget to have some fun with the project. A scrapbook that is a gift is usually a sign of some achievement or momentous occasion such as a graduation or a wedding. Half of the fun of putting together such a scrapbook is organizing the pictures you intend upon using, actually designing the layout, constructing the progression of the pictures so that they tell a story, and adding all of the decorations. A scrapbook can be a comprehensive project, but it will be rewarding for both you once you finish and for the recipient once they check it out for the first time.

But you can't be afraid to have a little fun with your project either. After all, the intent for this gift is to make the recipient happy. As they browse through the pages and see all the incredible photographs, they will surely have a smile on their face. But why not also include some humor? Why not toss in a few inside jokes? Or why not just have some cool scrapbooking stickers to make everything stand out?

Caption Stickers Allow for Some Jokes

One of our more popular types of scrapbooking stickers are our caption stickers. Caption stickers really give you a lot of options as you start to decorate your scrapbook pages. We all know that there are some pictures where people are in the perfect position to add a caption bubble. Maybe they are confused by what they are looking at. Or maybe they are in a strange position that leaves the door open for some fun jokes. Or maybe it was a time when you were playing a prank on your friend and he or she was scared or annoyed. You can have a ton of fun finding the right caption scrapbooking stickers that are appropriate to the situation.

There are several different packs of caption scrapbooking stickers at StorePhotos.com, so that you can help yourself narrow down what you might need. We have packs that include vacation captions, sports captions, pet captions, family captions, special event captions, and even captions in Spanish. Still can't find the phrase that is right for the picture? We also have packages of black caption scrapbooking stickers so that you can come up with your own humors sayings.

So make sure you add some fun little quirks to your scrapbook. We have several different types of scrapbooking stickers at StorePhotos.com.