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Scrapbooking Papers That Really Make The Page!

If the Scrapbook is the house, the Scrapbooking Papers are the foundation! And StorePhotos.com has some of the highest-quality, best-priced scrapbooking papers available. We offer our beautiful multi-colored scrapbooking papers in a package of 50. For just over a dime a sheet, you get heavy-weight 76 pound paper, in a rainbow of gorgeous, archival safe papers!

Not convinced every page you'll need can be found in one convenient package? Sure, there are other beautiful papers on the market, and you can spend endless hours trying to find complimentary patterns and acceptable quality. However, even if you succeed in compiling an album full of miscellaneous Scrapbooking Papers that look great together and are of a suitable strength, you will undoubtedly have spent a great deal of time and cash getting there! Our multi-colored scrapbooking papers help you cut down on the time investment, without sacrificing an ounce of colorful pop, and outstanding quality.

Scrapbooking Papers Layout Ideas

  • With ten vibrant shades to choose from, you are sure to find a paper for every picture! Perfect for outdoor shots think day in the park our grass green papers are just waiting to play beautiful backdrop for your summer snapshots. We recommend affixing those sunny day memories with 3-D Foam Dots to really highlight the beauty of nature.

  • While black and white photos really pop on any colored page, we especially love the way they look against red and yellow! You can really up the contrast by placing artistic shots that reflect a quiet, introspective subject against a bright red page. You can also have fun by matching the page to the actual color of the black and white item if you are working with stills bananas on yellow paper, blueberries on blue, oranges on orange, and so on!

  • If you prefer a minimal, modern take on scrapbooking (yes, it can be done!), try placing Scrapbooking Papers in the same color family opposite each other. Our lilac paper looks beautiful opposite the cobalt blue page, while black and white play off each other effortlessly. If you combine this color scheme with a well-designed, unique album, like this metal applique Sentiments Scrapbook, your resulting photo project will be fresh and exciting!