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5 Lessons Learned from Scrapbooking for Kids Teaches

Every day is a challenge with children. At the end of the day, you’ve both learned a lot. So if anything, you should make every experience a learning opportunity for your kids. One way to do that is through hands on activities, like scrapbooking for kids. While you can make a lot of really nice scrapbooks on your own –during your “me time” – you and the kids can decorate and make their own scrapbooks for fun too! Make each page a new learning opportunity by being active while scrapbooking for kids.

Learning with Scrapbooking for Kids

1. Scrapbooking is a great opportunity for discussions on patience and preparation. You don’t just paste photos down as fast as you can pick them up – you plan. Have your kids make their own plan, mark out where they want to out photos and decorations and pick out colors before starting.

2. Scrapbooking for kids is a creative outlet. While some of their ideas may seem a bit odd to you, like scrapbooking imaginary friends, they’re original ones. All of this creative energy just means that your kids are thinking, and that they’re smart. Let their imaginations go crazy!

3. At any age, there’s always more to teach kids about colors. Color knowledge will bring a beautiful page together – even if done messily. At a younger age, take scrapbooking for kids to teach basic color lessons, like the primary colors; red, blue and yellow. As they get older, teach about corresponding colors and complimentary shades, like red and green.

4. Show your kids that through scrapbooking for kids, everything they do has permanence. So a picture of them, placed in a scrapbook and stored away, will be there for years. That’s why they should think before they act. Once they glue the pictures in, those pictures aren’t ever coming back out.

5. While scrapbooking for kids can get messy, it easily becomes a way to teach about cleaning up. After finishing up, have the kids help in picking up spilt supplies and putting the decorations back in the appropriate spot in their scrapbooking storage boxes.

Every scrapbook can be a lesson for you and your kids. Pick up your scrapbooking for kids supplies here at StorePhotos.com