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Scrapbook Stickers: Add Some Fun to your Scrapbooks

Half the fun of making a scrapbook is finding and deciding upon all of the pictures that you are going to include. The other half is adding all of the fun decorations that make a scrapbook more than just another photo album. There are many different types of items or embellishments that you can use to make your scrapbook really pop when it comes to decorations. But there is one small thing that you can use, that most people overlook, to add a little something extra to your pages: Scrapbook stickers.

Fun and Convenient

Scrapbook stickers can help you accomplish a number of tasks when it comes to decorating your pages. Let's say that you would like to add a caption or title to your page, but your handwriting isn’t that great. With the help of our 3-D self-adhesive letter stickers, you don't have to worry about your handwriting. Or what if you want to have someone in a picture expressing a thought? You can simply add one of our caption scrapbook stickers, and you'll be able to add whatever message you'd like. It’s as simple as a sticker.

Job for the Kids

Sometimes all your kids want to do is help. Although we all know that they mean well, it can sometimes be frustrating to let your child assist with a complicated scrapbooking layout. If you are working on a project, and your kiddos want to help, rather than giving them something a bit more challenging, why not ask them to put on the scrapbook stickers? This way, the kids are helping, and the project still looks great. Having a child's touch also adds a sense of innocence that is sure to make the scrapbook even more appreciated.

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