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A Scrapbook Photo Album for Your Little All-Star

Your little athlete deserves something special so why not make him or her a sports-themed scrapbook photo album? Packed with photos and keepsakes that catalog his or her athletic career, a scrapbook photo album with a sports theme is the perfect way to show your little all-star just how much you care. Plus, a scrapbook photo album is the perfect way for your athlete to keep those memories alive and look back on all of those winning moments.

Supplies You Need

To get started on your own sports scrapbook photo album, be sure to stop by StorePhotos.com to get all of the essentials. You're going to need photo albums or scrapbooks, refill pages, adhesives, colored pens, embellishments and stickers for decorating your pages, colored papers, and of course, your photo collection and scraps.

Things To Include

Not sure what photos and scraps you should be using to make up your sports-themed scrapbook photo album? Try gathering up snapshots of your little athlete competing, as well as ticket stubs and programs from games, trading cards from his or her favorite teams, snapshots of your athlete in uniform, uniform patches, and even some cutouts of his or her favorite athlete. Also include newspaper clippings where your athlete is mentioned, or any other scraps that tie together the athletic theme.

What to Do

Then, once you have all of your scraps and supplies, it's time to put together your scrapbook photo album. Sit down and experiment with different page layouts until you get one you're happy with. Mount your photos on the colored papers to make them pop and use the adhesives to put all of your photos and scraps together. Then, go through with your colored pens and add captions and quotes to inspire your athlete or to tie together the photos. Finally, finish off your scrapbook photo album by adding embellishments and sports-themed stickers to make the theme clear and to add some pizzazz.