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Scrapbook Materials For The Novice Or The Expert

Scrapbooking is an art in itself, but finding all of the supplies you need can be a hassle if they aren’t in one central place. StorePhotos.com is proud to be a convenient source for scrapbooks as well as all of your text.

Creating a scrapbook is a labor of love and of time. Store your supplies in one of our convenient scrapbook materials storage boxes; we have a huge assortment of traditional colors as well as funky, vibrant patterns. Our storage boxes are heavy-duty and extra large to keep all of your parts and pieces safe, protected, and conveniently located.

Of course, the gel pen is now a veteran on the scrapbook materials scene. We offer standard colors and metallic ones as well, at prices that make it easy to own all!

Perhaps you don’t want to hand-write labels or captions, or your penmanship is not the best. Problem solved! Our scrapbook materials section includes pre-made caption stickers that help get the creative juices flowing, and are inexpensive and easy to apply. For some depth, try our 3-D letters. They are self-adhesive and easy to position; plus, they are acid free and photo safe, so they are quite versatile.

If your scrapbook materials collection doesn’t include a glue runner, now is the time to try one! This handy little tool automatically dispenses a ribbon of double-sided adhesive, making mounting photos and paper a cinch! We also sell glue runner refills within our scrapbooking supplies. This little device is a time saver and avoids a glue mess. (Great for kids, too!)

Of course, a scrapbook is nothing unless you have the canvas on which you create your art. Our affordable scrapbook paper comes in packs of 50, and features 10 assorted colors. Depending upon the size of your scrapbook, choose from either 12 inches by 12 inches, or 8 inches by 11 inches.

Add some flair to your designs with our craft scissors. These essential scrapbook materials can come in handy not only for your scrapbooking projects, but also for making gift tags, cards, invitations, and more! Select the traditional scallop cut or the slightly fancier colonial cut; at our prices, you can easily buy both! What’s even better is these scissors are approved for ages 9 and older, so you don’t need to worry about children’s safety. (Always supervise children when doing craft projects, though.)

Be inspired and find all of your scrapbooking materials easily and affordably with StorePhotos.com!