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Scrapbook Cardstock: Cut Fun Designs

When it comes to adding embellishments to your scrapbook pages, you can find a lot of items at StorePhotos.com that can really make your pages standout. You can use metallic gel ink pens to add sparkly titles, thought bubble stickers to add humorous phrases, military embossed metal medallion to denote service, and 3-D self adhesive letters. But while all of these products do provide your project with elegant decorations, they really don't give you a chance to customize your pages. One item that we do offer, that is one-hundred percent customizable is our scrapbook cardstock.

Loads of Colors!

The packages of scrapbook cardstock that you find at StorePhotos.com comes in bundles of fifty sheets. Within these fifty sheets are ten different colors: Pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black, white, and brown. Our scrapbook cardstock is also archival quality that means your photos will be safe because this paper is acid, lignin, and PVC free. Does you like to use sheet protectors? That's fine because these pieces of cardstock will fit in 12x12 or 8.5x11 sheet protectors.

Unlimited Options

You literally have unlimited options for how you can utilize scrapbook cardstock within your project. For example: You can use a set of craft scissors to cut out fun and funky shapes. Simply take a sheet of the green paper and cut out four thin triangles. Then take a sheet of the brown scrapbook cardstock and cut out a long rectangle. Glue the green triangles to the top of the brown rectangle in a star pattern and you have a homemade palm tree that you can use for a summer vacation themed scrapbook page! This is just one of countless examples of how this paper can be used.

So if you want to add customized designs, shapes, or images to your scrapbook pages, consider the use of scrapbook cardstock, which you can find at StorePhotos.com.