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Photo Albums Scrapbooks Make Your Prom Night Even More Special

Every girl knows that the prom is going to be one of the most important parts of her entire high school career, but without the pictures to prove it, prom can become a distant memory. You have to take the time now to ensure that your prom is never forgotten about. Its going to be one of the best nights of your life, so be sure to scrapbook each and every moment.

At StorePhotos.com, we carry a great selection of photo albums scrapbooks that are perfect for commemorating your prom while ensuring that your favorite photos of the evening stay looking just as beautiful as your gown.

Not sure how to make a prom photo album or scrapbook of your very own? Use some of these tips from StorePhotos.com to make a perfect prom memory:

1.) Take lots and lots of photos! Youre going to want to capture all of the moments that go into making a spectacular prom. Everything from shopping for the dress to the limo ride to the event will have to be captured on a digital camera. Take time as you prepare for prom to take photos of you, your friends, your date, and even your family to remember the entire experience.

2.) Photos dont have to be just of people! Get a little creative with your photography and also take pictures of the tables at prom, the decorations, your flowers, your dress, the event venue, and other little details that help to make the occasion come together. These will add pizzazz to any of your photo albums scrapbooks.

3.) Once youve got the photos, its time to get them developed. Dont skimp out on quality and print them from your computer. Instead, get them done at a photo lab so that you can be sure that the photos always turn out great. Beforehand, consider editing a few of the shots using free picture editing software to get rid of red eye and other imperfections.

4.) Now its time to scrapbook. Gather together your photos, ticket stubs, program, pressed flowers from your corsage, and start putting them all together in one of the beautiful photo albums scrapbooks from StorePhotos.com.

5.) Use colored papers, acid free adhesives, craft scissors, and other decorations to bring all of your photos and pages together. Write captions into your photo albums scrapbooks and be sure to recount all of your favorite moments. You can even leave a few pages in our photo albums scrapbooks to journal about the experience!