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Some Must-Have Photo Accessories

Whatever kind of scrapbook you decide to make, you want to make sure those precious memories are as safe as they can be. That means that you need the right photo accessories before you get started. You've probably got your basic scrapbooking supplies, but what else do you need?

1. Before you put your pictures into the scrapbook, they need to be looking their best. StorePhotos.com has just the thing— our Photo Memory Cleaning Cloth is perfect for getting pesky fingerprints, smudges, dirt, lint, and dust off of your pictures. And it's reusable! You can also use it to keep your camera lens clean for the next time you snap photographs.

2. One of the most important photo accessories to consider is what type of photo mount you're going to use. The options here are pretty much endless. It all really depends on your personal preference.

  • ThePermanent Photo Memory Fix Roller is one of the more versatile photo accessories you can use for mounting your pictures. You can make the tape any size you want, so it's perfect for larger photos. By the same token, if you're working on a scrapbook project that might change in the future, you can use the Removable Memory Fix Roller. It's just like the Permanent Roller, but you have a little more freedom to move the photos around once you've placed them.
  • StorePhotos.com has other mounting photo accessories, such as Photo Mounts. All you have to do is press them onto the back of your pictures. Then you can place the picture wherever you want! It's a very durable option, as well. Photo Mounts will hold up to years of people viewing and admiring your scrapbooks.
  • If you want a little bit of dimension to your scrapbook, you can try using some 3-D Foam Dots. These function similarly to the Photo Mounts, except they raise your photos up off of the page. These are perfect for those pages where you're going to be using some other 3-D embellishments. This page will really pop!

3. Pens can be one of those photo accessories that you end up forgetting until you really need it! Before you get started, decide whether or not you might want to do some journaling in your scrapbook. The pen you use in your scrapbook needs to be acid-free so that you can avoid future damage to your photos and artwork. The Gel Pens and Metallic Gel Pens are perfect for your scrapbooking needs!

From the major components to the minor details, StorePhotos.com has absolutely all the photo accessories you need to make your scrapbook something special.