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Leather Bound Photo Album Ideas for any Horse Lover

Leather bound photo albums make for the perfect present for any cowboy or cowgirl, especially since leather has such a place in horse riding. From the saddle to the reins, the attire to the boots, leather is present in so many aspects of horse riding and showing. A leather bound photo album fits perfectly in with this motif and can be a great way for you to commemorate all of your favorite rider's achievements.

A Catalog of Show Wins

A leather bound photo album from StorePhotos.com doesn't just have to be limited to photos of the horse and rider. You can also use one of these gorgeous albums as a sort of scrapbook dedicated to your wins inside the show ring. Include photos of the events you competed in, programs or ticket stubs to the show, and captions to reflect on how great it was to take home a blue ribbon!

A Book About the Horse

Make your leather bound photo album all about the animal by cataloging your ownership of your horse. Take and display photos of your horse as you both grow together and also don't forget to add in measurements, dates, and ages to show the passage of time in each of your photos. You can also add tons of great touches like a braided piece of your horse's hair as part of the album, the classified ad you clipped to find your horse, or even his or her registrations.

A Source of Inspiration

Don't think your leather bound photo album is just limited to being for a horse and rider. Store favorite photos of other riders and famous horses to build an inspiration book that's sure to keep you focused on the prize as you compete in horse shows and rodeos. Fill in the pages with clippings and photos of great horses, cowboys, and cowgirls that you find inspiring. Include quotes about horses near each photo and always keep it on hand to leave you feeling ready to take on whatever challenges may come in your show career.