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Graduation Gift Giving: Graduation Scrapbooks Keep on Giving

Graduations celebrate the achievements of not just one individual, but the entire family and community that helped to get them to where they are today. It’s just one reason that graduation parties are so big, graduates want to thank each and every person who helped them get there! So in the spring as the graduation invitations roll in, what can you possibly get for each an ever graduate?

Graduation scrapbooks are a great gift for graduates of all ages! Fill them beforehand or give an empty scrapbook full of possibilities.

Graduation Scrapbooks, a Gift for Parents too!

Parents love creating graduation scrapbooks for their children. Give them one to celebrate a preschool or elementary graduation with instructions to fill and deliver to the graduate on their final graduation from college. Parents can fill a framed scrapbook with all their children’s special life achievements, from pre-school to middle school from science fairs to school dances. Children will have the greatest graduation gift when years later when they get to see their entire educational journey scrapbooked across the pages of one of these graduation scrapbooks.

Graduation Scrapbooking Gifts

Create the ultimate scrapbooking gift for a graduate to record the best days of their education. Build a box of the best scrapbooking materials to start their project with some of the following:

  • Graduation Scrapbook

  • Scrapbooking Supplies

  • Graduation themed stickers

  • Scrapbooking Glue

  • Craft Scissors

  • Photo printing credits or gift cards

  • Storage box

All a graduate will need is their already sharp and creative mind to start scrapbooking their educational journey.

Avid Scrapbooking Graduate

Is your graduate already a big scrapbooker? Then why not put together a scrapbooking gift basket, ready to fill with new memories! Instead of graduation themed stickers, find scrapbooking supplies to go along with the next step in their lives. For middle school or high school graduates, school scrapbooking accessories and nice framed graduation scrapbooks will help chronicle their new college memories. Graduates can fill each page with a new step in their journey for a diploma. For college graduates, find themed scrapbooking accessories and decorative refill pages to match their new beginnings, such as their new job or new city they might be moving to.

Mark the big graduation day in one of these stylish graduation scrapbooks from StorePhotos.com.