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Glue Runner: Attach with Ease

If you are a scrapbook creator or photo album organizer, you know that one of the most important tasks of your hobby is to securely attach a picture to the page. You want to make sure that you attach the picture in such a way that it doesn't fall out of the scrapbook or photo album. After all: What is a photo album without photos? There are a number of ways that you can affix a picture to a page and when doing so you always want to keep two important factors in mind: Ease and picture safety. With the help of a glue runner tool that you can find at StorePhotos.com, you can ensure that ease and picture safety are always held in the highest regard.


When it comes to glue, it can always be difficult to apply depending on the type that you are using. Think back to your elementary school days: Remember when glue would get all over your desk, paper, fingers, and clothes? Remember when someone would use so much glue that the paper would actually start to wrinkle as if it had been in water? None of these problems exist if you use a glue runner. A glue runner is a convenient tool that actually lays down thin strips of glue that will hold your photos right in place. There is no messy liquid glue that can get everywhere or over-saturate your pages. There is only easy glue application.

Picture Safety

A glue runner can also offer you a lot in terms of picture safety. Unless you are careful, most glues out there can actually damage your pictures over time due to acid. Glues with acid can slowly eat away at your most prized photos and rob them of their color as time marches on. The glue found in a glue runner is actually archival quality and acid free, which means that your pictures will stay nice and safe.

So with all of these benefits, it is easy to see why the use of a glue runner will be beneficial to your scrapbook or photo album project. Find this product, plus many others, at StorePhotos.com.