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Gel Ink Pens: Add Some Flash

A scrapbook is a work of art. The time, money, and energy that you pour into a scrapbook is time well spent when it comes to preserving your memories. But at the end of the day, you want to make sure that the scrapbook that you have created, also contains some fun and excitement. You want your project to have a little flash. To achieve this goal, you cold add embellishments, quotes, boarders, newspaper clippings, or you could write in titles with some fun and funky gel ink pens.

Standard Color Gel Ink Pens

At StorePhotos.com, you can find two types of gel ink pens. The first type is the standard set of gel ink pens that come in five colors that you can use to match any color scheme you are currently using in your project: Black, blue, green, red, and purple. The ball of the pen is 0.7mm which gives you a good deal of control when it comes to placing the titles you are going to write. The soft rubber handle grips also ensure that these standard color gel ink pens are comfortable to use. The best part about these pens is that their ink is archival, permanent, non-toxic, and smudge and bleed proof. You don't have to worry about potential damage to your photos.

Metallic Gel Ink Pens

The second type of pen that you can find at StorePhotos.com is the metallic gel ink pens. This set of four gel ink pens comes in two sets of two: Two gold and two silver. The metallic shine that is created by these pens will add a unique touch to the normal pastel colors of scrapbook pages. As with the standard set, these pens have a 0.7mm medium point, soft grip handle, and contain archival smudge and bleed proof ink.

So if you want to add some unique colors and designs to your scrapbooking project, consider the use of gel ink pens, which you can find at StorePhotos.com.