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Treasure Your Memories With Flap Scrap Books

As we go through life, we collect memory after memory – celebrating milestones in our lives with family members, laughing with friends, and enjoying holidays and dinners with the people we love. It’s important to treasure these memories for a lifetime, and flap scrap books are the perfect way to make these memories permanent. We know you don’t need a reason to scrapbook, but here’s some great moments and times in your life that you’ll definitely want to document in Flap Scrap Books. Each of our flap scrap books come beautifully adorned with a lowercase word emblazoned on the front of the scrapbook to describe the memories inside.

Travel – Traveling, whether solo or with friends, is a great way to broaden your experiences and learn about a new culture. Many times, you come back home with an appreciation for a set of ways entirely different than your own. Embrace your new-found open-mindedness with our brown flap scrap book with the word “travel” elegantly embroidered on the front. It’s the perfect size and color to tote along throughout your travels, and a great place to stash your travel momentos.

Memories – Think of your friends. Most likely, you’re conjuring up a favorite memory of them. Stash these memories within the pages of the classy black or bright blue “memories” Flap Scrap Book, and present it to them as a gift. They’ll love that you took the time to document your exciting memories throughout the years. Be sure to leave the last page blank to signify more memories to come!

Photos – We love all of our flap scrap books, but our green “photos” flap scrap book is the perfect place for lively photos of you and your friends and family. Simply take your favorite photos over the years and add them to the scrapbook.

Friends – Our purple “friends” flap scrap book is the perfect place for you to tote along with you as you travel or move to a new location. Add some photos and trinkets of great times with your friends to this pretty scrapbook, and you’ll now always have your friends by your side.

Baby – Celebrating the birth of a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether it’s your own child or a friend or family member’s new little one, “baby” Flap Scrap Books are wonderful for documenting all the little aspects of their first few months – from their height and weight to photos of the newborn. It’s also a thoughtful gift to give to the new parents. This flap scrap book comes in pink and blue.

Ensure your memories last a lifetime. Flap Scrap Books make memories permanent and thriving for years to come.