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Make Memories Last a Life Time with a Family Photo Album

There’s nothing like the feeling of cracking open a family photo album to recall past holidays and life events.

The family photo albums that you put together today will be the way you remember both big and small occasions. While there are many ways to organize a photo album, you can make family albums even more accessible by taking time to organize them all in the same system. Make it easy to find specific photos by following one system, either chronologically, so all of your albums follow each other year after year or sorting by occasions. However you plan to start your albuming process, keep to it. When all your photos are filed neatly, you’ll be able to find old photos in a snap!

Chronological Organization

The simplest and easiest way to keep all of your family photos neatly organized in albums is to file them all chronologically. The best way to go about this is to print all of your photos regularly, and then to immediately file them into the family photo album. To keep your photos in chronological order until you have time to print them, keep them in dated, orderly folders in your computer. If you don’t have time to immediately album all these photos once you’ve finished printing, keep them in safe in chronological order in a photo storage box – ready until your next photo albuming afternoon!

Organize by Occasion

You can also make family photo albums centered on special occasions that happen regularly, devoted to years of Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. You’ll be able to flip through year after year all in one album. See how holiday traditions have changed and how things have stayed the same photo album sitting.

If you can’t keep to just one system of organizing your family photos, try chronologically filling most of your family photo albums and creating a few very special albums, centered on occasions or people. One example can be to take a baby book, gradually add more photos as a child grows up. These very special photo albums eventually become a treasured family photo album for parents to remember their children’s youth and pass on.

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