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Coffee Table Photo Albums: Let Your Photos Be Seen

Think about how many pictures you take in a year. The number can be surprisingly high, especially now that almost every cell phone comes with a built in camera. Why do we take pictures? We take them to remember the exact moment that was captured on the film. How many of the pictures that you take actually get seen by others? How many of them even get developed or uploaded to your computer? Pictures are meant to be seen. One way to ensure that this happens is with coffee table photo albums.

What are Coffee Table Photo Albums?

Coffee table photo albums are just like normal photo albums with two major exceptions: What you put in them and that you leave them on the coffee table for all to enjoy. Some photo albums are for specific people and although they may want to share, the album was not created with sharing in mind. An example would be a wedding album. A wedding album is for the happy couple and she be kept safe. Coffee table photo albums are more “general interest” and would be something that someone would pick up if it were laying on your coffee table.

Vacation Spots

Coffee table photo albums are an excellent way to let others see all the fun and exciting places that you have visited. An album like this can be both entertaining and educational as you can share your expertise of the location in the photos. You can give a tour without leaving your living room!

Show Off the Kids

We know that you don't want to be the kind of parents who always force photographs of their kids onto other people. Nobody wants to be that person. But it is difficult to deny a proud parent the chance to show off their pride and joy. Rather than being the person who forces pictures, why not give your guest the option?