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How to Perfect Your Christmas Scrapbook

Holly, carols, Christmas cards. If there was a more perfect season for scrapbooking, it hasn’t happened yet. From Thanksgiving on, there’s Black Friday shopping, pre-Christmas parties, present wrapping, putting up the tree and so many other photo opportunities you can include in a Christmas scrapbook. Then there’s also all the mementos, keepsakes and red and green décor to include as part of your scrapbooking decorations. If you haven’t tried making a Christmas scrapbook, this year’s the time to put one together.

What you need:

A Christmas Scrapbook

First, you’ll need a scrapbook that’s going to contain all of your Christmas cheer! A perfect scrapbook for your Christmas scrapbook project would be the family treasures deluxe scrapbook. With the additional padding in the family treasures deluxe scrapbook all of your most delicate scrapbooking pages will be preserved! You can get it in both green and red, for a Christmas matching pair with twice as many memories. Everything in the holidays is about matching anyways right?

Decorations and Embellishments

Start finding things to incorporate into your scrapbook decorations. These can be odd bits of decorations like fabric poinsettias or Christmas cards from past seasons. See what’s hiding in your stacks of Christmas wrapping paper as well. Those bits that are left over on the roll can be used as page backgrounds. Smaller pieces can be cut into Christmas trees or mini presents to use as decorations.

Christmas Photos

Now you get to pick out your photos for your Christmas scrapbook album. While it’s easy to fill the Christmas scrapbook album with just photos from Christmas day, all you’ll have then is photos of present unwrapping. Get photos from all the parties, dinners and present wrapping – that’s right before they get unwrapped – to place in your scrapbook too! After Christmas dinner has settled and everyone has gotten to play around with their gifts, send your photos to the printers. If you print them before the new year, it’ll help to keep your Christmas photos separate from any new photos. After all, you want to be done with all of the previous year’s photos before starting the new year’s memories!

There’s no time like Christmas for scrapbooking! Get your Christmas scrapbook and scrapbooking supplies here at StorePhotos.com.