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5 Ways to Make Birthday Scrapbooks from the Whole Family

Another year, another birthday. What can you possibly get a relative when you’ve been buying them gifts for what’s been an entire lifetime? An original idea is hard to come by, a creative one will take twice the effort. With the help of the entire family, you can easily pull together something original like birthday scrapbooks for each of the hard to buy for relatives in the family tree! Get the whole family involved to make a really memorable gift. Here’s five reasons that will convince your family to help with a birthday scrapbook project.

1. A group effort makes it a breeze. Rather than one person having all the responsibility, everyone in the family can help out. Assign each person their own responsibilities when it comes to constructing birthday scrapbooks. Someone should be in charge of:

  • - Gathering photos
  • - Getting supplies
  • - Putting the scrapbook together
  • - Wrapping the present

2. It’s true when they say that two heads are better than one. While you have lots of great ideas for birthday scrapbooks for the whole family, someone else will probably be able to help you improve on those ideas. These might be as simple as remembering photos from an old sporting event or a favorite quote to include it on a page.

3. When everyone works together on birthday scrapbooks, the whole family bonds. After you make the first, it’ll be easy to make a second, or even a fourth, which makes it a regular family activity to share. It’s not often a family has an excuse to all help on the same project – so enjoy it!

4. There’s no fighting over the birthday wish list! Rather than trying to decide who gets what, everyone can work on the same gift together.

5. Birthday scrapbooks are original every time – so they’re always a good idea! You can make one every year for someone who year after year is hard to buy for, like Mom. Each year find a different thing to focus on in the scrapbook, like her job, her hobbies, etc. to make it fresh and new!

There’s something about a group effort that pulls a family together. You can get the whole family tree involved in making regular birthday scrapbooks. Shop the selection of birthday scrapbooks here at StorePhotos.com and ask everyone in the family to pitch in for one big spectacular gift.