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Capture the Summer with a Beach Photo Album

Nothing screams “summer” louder than a beach vacation. After you cover yourself with some SPF 100, you can start thinking about how you're going to document your days at the beach with a creative beach photo album!

Get the right pictures

  • Before you really think about anything else, you should get pictures of the basics. There's something very cute about having pictures of flip flops and beach chairs in your beach photo album. Pictures like that can set the stage for the more personal photos that will come later.
  • It goes without saying, but you should take some pictures of the ocean at different times of day. Sunrise, sunset, mid-day— catch the different tides!
  • Make sure you get pictures of your friends and family swimming (or sunbathing!).

Get everyone involved

Nothing personalizes a family beach photo album like contributions from the kids! Let them draw pictures of things they see at the beach. They might even want to do crayon rubbings of seashells. There's nothing saying that your beach photo album has to contain strictly photos! You can put their contributions next to a their own picture. Make sure to have them sign their artwork!

Sounds of summer

Every summer has a “song.” It's that one song that you hear over and over again on the radio. Music has a tendency to define moments in our lives, so that's the kind of thing you should include in your beach photo album. Write down the name of the song— or take pictures of your friends and family dancing to it! If you made your own beach soundtrack, put the song list in your beach photo album so you can remember it for next year.

Capture the party atmosphere with pictures of beach umbrellas, margarita glasses, and a radio. If you go to any restaurants, see if you can grab a takeout menu. Not only will it add a little local flavor to your beach photo album, it'll help you remember some of the delicious food you ate!

Last minute page fillers

You can go ahead and grab some postcards and use them to fill a few pages in your beach photo album. Feel free to use shrunken down copies of beach maps, too! Anything to get the memories in there.

However you decide to put your beach photo album together, you can find it—big or small—at StorePhotos.com!