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Baby Scrapbooking Album Ideas That Make A Lasting Impression: Part Two

We've already written an article on some tips that you can use while baby scrapbooking in order to make a project that will really stand out. After all, having a child is an extremely important life event. Eventually your son or daughter will be grown up and move on to their own lead their own lives. Once they are older, you are going to want to always be able to look back at hose special childhood memories that you shared with your children. If you start at the very beginning of their lives, which is what baby scrapbooking entails, you will have a well documented journey of the life of your child.

Here are more tips for baby scrapbooking:

  • If you know the ethnic background of the child, create a page for heritage. Print a copy of each country’s flag, language, currency, capital, and map. Cut a paper flag for each and attach a toothpick or straw (size of flag will depend upon how many countries you have) as the flagpole. Size the map and a summary of the language, currency and capital of each as appropriate for the space.

  • Find the birthstone of the baby’s birth month. Print a copy of a treasure chest, and add beads that mimic the birthstone color to serve as the treasure’s “gems”. Use scrapbook album paper that has an ocean theme as the background.

  • Collect data regarding current prices and pop culture (e.g. cost of a gallon of gas, popular song on the radio, lottery numbers for the date of birth, etc.) Print the data on coordinating images (a musical note, a gas pump, etc.) or next to themed stickers.

  • If the child lives near a major city, collect images and icons from the area. (e.g. For Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell, the Eagles football mascot, a picture of a cheesesteak, etc.)

  • Look up what famous people were born on the date of birth of the baby. Select one and include fun facts about the individual. Baby scrapping is a lot more fun when you look up interesting facts.

  • Create a clothesline timeline. Purchase mini clothing stickers or print images (e.g. an infant layette, a toddler playsuit, a teenager outfit and a young woman’s dress) and mini clothespins. Use two straws as the posts, string a shoelace between the two posts, and affix the clothes with the clothespins in sequence across the “clothesline”.

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