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Baby Scrapbook Albums Keep Them Little Longer!

There will never be a time in your life you want to preserve as much as your baby's arrival! Baby Scrapbook Albums allow you to track every special first and fumble in a beautiful book to enjoy now and forever. Baby scrapbook albums are the perfect way to tuck away the tiniest treasures baby's hospital pictures, congratulatory cards, hospital bracelets, pressed flowers and more. All our albums are archival safe, ensuring your 'baby' can enjoy them too when she grows up!

12x12 Baby Scrapbook Albums

Our 12x12 albums are among our most popular products, and Baby Scrapbook Albums, like this adorable Metal Applique selection, are no exception. Twenty top loading pages, with high-quality paper inserts, provide ample space for you to get creative with embellishments and mementos. The pastel pink and baby blue albums come with your choice of applique a classic teddy bear, or a cute little carriage. Both baby scrapbook albums are ready for countless viewings with tough, washable covers and page protectors.

Simple embroidery adds adorable charm to these Baby Scrapbook Albums. This clean look is kept looking great with a washable cover. The pale pink and light blue albums are closed with a side strap embroidered with the word 'Baby'. The expandable spine accepts Pioneer KeyHole Protector Refill Pages, giving you even more room to capture your baby's precious moments forever!

Scrapbook Gift Ideas

With scrapbooking growing in popularity, scrapbook albums are becoming the go-to new mom gift. Create a gift package she's sure to love, with a beautiful album (of course!) and a selection of embellishments and accessories. It's a gift families will enjoy for many years!

This generously sized 3-Ring Baby Frame 12x12 Scrapbook Box is a great place to start. Mom can easily add pages, but has more than enough to get her scrapbooking under way with 40 pages and 20 paper inserts.

Our darling Baby Scrapbooking Template, with four border designs and seven cute shapes, is the fastest way to get decorating. Shapes include a rubber ducky, teddy bear and carriage, providing simple accents to the star attraction baby's picture!

Acid-free Metallic Gel Ink Pens, available in a combination pack of silver and gold, look beautiful with the soft pinks and blues of our baby scrapbook albums.

Caption Stickers allow you to add fun phrases before baby is old enough to come up with her own! They will work just as well to preserve those adorably fun things kids say when they finally can talk.