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Baby Scrapbook Album Ideas That Make A Lasting Impression: Part One

Our collection of scrapbook includes an array of baby scrapbook albums, which make great gifts for the new baby’s arrival, baptism, etc. If you aren’t sure where to get started, we have composed a ready-made guide to help you create the perfect customized baby scrapbook albums; don’t worry, we’ll let you take all of the credit!

  • Personalize the cover of your baby scrapbook album by applying self adhesive letters or a pre-made self-adhesive name.
  • Use scrapbook album paper that is pre-printed with an aquarium, water, or ocean scene and insert into the sleeves. Trace and cut out “fish” from your favorite colors of scrapbook paper. Ask loved ones to share a piece of advice on each fish, and drop into the sleeves. You now have an “aquarium of advice” for the new baby to read when older.
  • Cut out baby-themed items, or purchase stickers such as a rattle, a crib, a baby bottle, etc. Compose a 2 inch by 2 inch square that includes the baby’s name, birthdate, weight and length. Affix a half inch wide ribbon “frame” around the edges, and attach. Scatter and adhere the other items all around the frame.
  • For baby girls, research the flower of the baby’s birth month and the history behind that flower. Type and format that summary block-style; cut out around the text in the shape of a watering can, with the text serving as the barrel of the watering can. Buy stickers of the flower type, or dry the actual flowers; position and apply the watering can tipped over the flowers.
  • Print photos of the baby, and cut so the image fits on a 2 inch circle. Add lollipop sticks and twist ties to create photo “lollipops” of the baby. Or, use ribbon or string instead of lollipop sticks and create photo “balloons”.
  • Photocopy the baby announcement or baptism invitation and apply to the center of the scrapbook album page. Add similar-themed die-cut or 3-D stickers around the invitation. Baby scrapbook albums aren't complete with out these types of official announcements.
  • Print two copies of the zodiac wheel; cut out the appropriate slice and affix to the full wheel with mounting squares to give a 3-D effect. Include a summary of the appropriate zodiac sign beneath the wheel.

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Of course, these are just a few ideas for baby scrapbook albums, but you can tailor based upon budget, time, and creative experience. We will have another article with more baby scrapbook album ideas very soon! Regardless of the size or design, baby scrapbook albums are mementos that will be cherished by the parents and the child, forever!