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Baby Boy Scrapbook: Manly Memories Recorded

Baby boys eventually grow up into young men who might be too proud to show how much they love their baby boy scrapbook. While adorable baby photos will make a great baby boy scrapbook for parents to enjoy, you can also make a scrapbook that boys will love to look at too! Include things that will make a scrapbook more fitting for young men to enjoy and share with friends.

As young men grow older they’ll learn to appreciate their baby photos, and not be so ashamed of all the funny and adorable baby photos, but until then you can make them a baby boy scrapbook that they’ll be proud to share with friends and family.

Here are a few ideas for pages to include in for a baby boy scrapbook that young boys will want to brag about:

  • Is your boy a miniature athlete already? Design a miniature scoreboard of all his games and athletic achievements. Start with accomplishments from as early as his first walk and first run. Include pages to highlight every record he breaks (even his own personal records!) like his fastest time across the driveway and back, making baskets (with an assist from dad,) or even jumping higher than the play pen.

  • Does your little boy seek adventure and thrills? Don’t be afraid to put all of the gross pictures into your baby boy scrapbook. While every cut, scrape and fall was a scary memory for moms and dads, young men will be proud to tell their friends of all their near misses. They lived through them! Keep a record of all of the near scrapes and bumps so boys have a record of achievements to boast about.

  • Is your little boy a little artist? Document and store the little boy’s artwork in a baby boy scrapbook. These can be anything from crayon scribbles to family portraits, anything that you think was interesting or he worked hard on can be kept in his scrapbook. You can even get a stamp to date each work of art as he goes along, showing his journey as an artist.

Make a scrapbook that young men will brag about to their friends. Find the perfect baby boy scrapbook to start your scrapbooking project here at StorePhotos.com.