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Archival Photo Boxes: The First Step

So you've finally resigned yourself to putting together a photo album. We think that's great, because we know how fun, nostalgic, and therapeutic it can be assembling all of your favorite pictures into one location. Actually taking the time to look at photos you haven't seen in a while helps to bring back memories of past experiences that have helped shape you into the person you are today.

But putting together a photo album is an involved process. It at first seems like it is an easy task; how hard can it be to put pictures in an album? But a photo album should tell a story with its pictures and therefore you must attack such a project with some degree of organization. If you have pictures scattered all over the place, it'll be hard for you to find the picture you want for one specific page. This is where archival photo boxes can come in handy.

What are Archival Photo Boxes?

Archival photo boxes are storage devices that you can use to organize and protect your photographs. When pictures sit in drawers or cabinets, they can be subjected to dust, mildew, or other potential dangers. While safely inside of archival photo boxes, they will be protected from whatever danger they may face.

The First Step

Now that you have your brand new Pioneer photo album, you want to start putting pictures in the pages. But wait! Don't forget about the first step to any photo album or scrapbook project: Organization. You'll want to take all of your pictures out and organize them according to categories. The categories are of course up to you, but some suggestions that we have used include: Age of the photo, school, graduations, weddings, vacations, sports, concerts, holidays, religious milestones, birthdays, etc. Once you have the photos organized, they will be easy to find. Once they are broken down into categories, you can keep them separated in your archival photo boxes.

So if you want a way to keep your most prized pictures safe and organized, look into the possibility of archival photo boxes from StorePhotos.com.