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Preserve Your Photos Best: Use Archival Photo Albums

*Click* The photo has been taken! Now what? Many times you’re going to rush to the computer, load the photos directly onto the internet to share. If you’re really looking to preserve your photos, then you may also store your photos on the computer. Still, you’d like to make sure that your photos last a long time, which can’t be done on a computer. Hard drives fail, files are corrupted, or worst of all; the computer is physically damaged with no hope of recovering your photos. Using archival photo albums you can guarantee to have all of your favorite photos around for a long time!

How do you start archival photo albums?

First, you have to go through the files on your computer. Just like you pick and choose which files to upload and share, you should pick and choose which ones are print worthy – deserving of archival photo albums treatment! This is the perfect time to actually delete any shots that aren’t worth keeping – cleaning up your computer as well! Then you’ll have clean folders of images ready to upload to a printing site! If you have already had one of our archival photo albums in mind, like one of our 504 pocket archival photo album albums, make a folder containing exactly 504 photos. You’ll be all ready once you pick up your photos, to place into an archival photo album.

What about preserving the digital files?

There are many ways to preserve your digital files, but what works best for many is to make physical back ups of your photos. You can write your photo files to a CD and then store it in one of our digital photos archival photo albums! Keep photo prints and photo CD backups all together in the same photo album for safekeeping. Rather than storage and photos being separate, you’ll be able to look through archival photos albums for a special birthday shot, find the CD at the back and then make a reprint for the birthday person!

Archival photo albums are one of the best ways to maintain and organize your digital photos and prints. Shop our selection of archival photo albums here at StorePhotos.com for all your photo memory storage.