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Acid Free Stickers Because Nothing Burns More Than A Damaged Scrapbook!

StorePhotos.com is literally in the business of making memories last! Which is precisely why every item you'll find on our site is completely archival safe including our Acid Free Stickers. How many times have you flipped through an old album that was clearly created with love, only to have the photo corners crackle and fall from the page, spilling the contents all over your lap? Luckily, with advances in preservation technology, and a better understanding of what makes or breaks an album, today's conscientious shopper will never have to worry about their work, and photos, falling to pieces before them!

We are proud to offer acid free stickers we're sure you'll 'stick' with time and again. From photo corners to funny captions, we only offer the best Pioneer products available.

A picture is worth 1000 words...

But you can always add a few more! Our Caption Acid Free Stickers are a fun way to dress up a scrapbook with cute sayings check out some of the highlights below...

  • Family & Pet Caption Stickers: Rub my belly, Born to be spoiled, the cat did it.

  • Vacation Caption Stickers: Good thing I work out., Kids? What Kids?, Tell The Boss I Quit!!!.

  • Special Events: We've Only Just Begun, She's The Greatest, Let's Party!!

These are just a few of the acid free stickers we offer check them all out! Priced at less than a dollar per pack, you can get all the brilliantly funny bubbles you could hope for!

Spell It Out...

For those times a caption can't contain all you need to say, our 3-D acid free stickers leave the length up to you! In varying finishes, these alphabetical and numerical stickers really add that special touch. Perfect for adding names and meaningful words to any scrapbooking page, we're sure you'll love them...

  • These Black Lettered Acid Free Stickers are perfect for making your words pop on a white or pastel page. With over 240 stickers in each package, these acid free stickers cost less than a penny apiece!

  • Want stickers that 'reflect' your commitment to shine? Our Silver Letters and Gold Letters stand out on any page, but look especially bright against rich colors, like grass green, cherry red, brown and black.

All our Photo Mounts and Corners are acid free as well ensuring every aspect of your scrapbook is worthy of the snapshots of your life!