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The Importance Of Using Only Quality Acid-Free Photo Refills

So, you’ve taken the time to organize and present your photographs in a great looking album—but have you taken measures to guarantee your photos will maintain their clarity and integrity over time? It’s quite important to use only Acid-Free Photo Refills when putting together your photo albums. Here are a few things to think about...

Using Only Premium Acid-Free Photo Refills Will Preserve Your Photos

It’s no big secret that low-quality photo album pages are often the culprit that will gradually eat, fade, discolor, and ultimately, totally ruin your photo collection—all while you thought they were safely stored away in albums on the bookshelf. Don’t fall victim to this all too common plight. Instead, insist on using only premium quality Acid-Free Photo Refills for your photos to preserve them. Memories may only last a lifetime, but photographs can last well beyond that if properly stored in archival grade sleeves.

Quality Acid-Free Photo Refills Perform Better

Have you ever seen photo album display sleeves become hazy or yellowed over time? Well, sometimes that can happen to plastics over the years with exposure to less than perfect conditions. The good news is that your photo albums will have a much better chance of avoiding this tarnish if you use only top quality Acid-Free Photo Refills to display your pictures. The safe high-performance materials will keep you from having to redo your entire photo collection later on down the road. Use better quality photo refills to show your photos through a crystal clear lens.

Also Consider Using-Acid Free Scrapbook Accessories

If you’re putting together a scrapbook full of favorite photos (instead or in unison with specially designed photo album sleeves), be sure that all album refills are acid-free. Also, by using the same brand of refills throughout the entire book, you’ll be much more likely to ensure that all pages look and perform the same over time.

One more thing to note—just because the photo sheets are photo safe and acid-free doesn’t necessarily mean that the Scrapbook Supplies and Photo Mounts and Photo Corners you're using are just as safe. If your photos and your scrapbooking creations are of the utmost importance to you, be sure that each and every scrapbook accessory used to create the album is also acid-free and photo safe. To keep things simple for our customers, we guarantee that all things Pioneer – everything we offer – fits these requirements.

Sure, in the age of digital photography, there’s probably a backup file stored away somewhere—but the thing is, over long periods of time, how likely is it that a digital file somewhere will be remembered or preserved? Not very. If it’s out of sight, it’s probably out of mind.

On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to part with photo prints—because they can be instantly seen, they’re easily remembered and preserved. Keep them around for time to come by using only acid-free photo refills.