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8x10 Photo Albums – Protect And Enjoy Your Investment!

They're part of almost every high-quality picture package – the 8x10 photos. They capture the most detail, shine the brightest, and elicit the most enthusiastic 'awwws' from grandparents. However, there is one small downside to the 8x10 – it is difficult to properly store outside of a frame. We typically decorate the mantel and hallway with the most recent, or most monumental of photos. While graduation photos will likely never come down, if you have school-aged children in the house, you likely replace last year's 8x10 photo with this year's every time that fresh picture package arrives. However, what do you do with the old one? Leave it behind the new one? That only works once! Slide it back into the paper package where it is susceptible to damage? That doesn't work well either. Only 8x10 Photo Albums can help you store, and continue to enjoy, those Captains of the photo world. And StorePhotos.com has just the selection you've been looking for.

Our popular Pioneer post style 8x10 Photo Albums arrive ready to organize twelve 5x7 pictures and four 8x10 pictures. This classic album also easily accepts Photo Refills to store even more! At less than 10 dollars each you can invest in one for every child that will keep their photos neat and clean, and highlight how they've grown year after year. These not only protect your memories, but also your investment. While the most important aspect of photos is the person or event they capture, it is also important to remember the cost of the actual photos.

Our X-Pando Magnetic 8x10 Photo Albums are an easy, affordable solution. Measuring in at 11.375x11.75 inches, these pages easily accommodate all popular-sized photos, including 8x10. We offer an assortment of solid covers in three gorgeous shades of blue, black, white, burgundy and hunter. 20 pages are ready to organize your photos, with the capacity for unlimited Photo Refills to let your album grow with your memories.

Looking for leather 8x10 Photo Albums? StorePhotos.com has them! These bonded 3-ring 8x10 Photo Albums are rich in design and color, and hold a generous four 8x10 photos and two-hundred 5x7s! The book-style binding leaves them looking more like priceless literary tomes than photo albums, which makes perfect sense if you consider the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. That's 204,000 words – not bad!