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5x7 Photo Album: The Perfect Size

We all know that pictures come in all shapes and sizes. They can range in size from large portraits, to wide panoramic images, to tiny wallet-sized pictures. Of course you always will have to pick the right sized picture for the right situation, but in most cases you want to find a picture that is the perfect size. A 5x7 picture is a great size because it is not too large to display on a desk at your office, but it is also not so small that it's hard to enjoy the detail. It is also a great size if you are considering putting together a photo album. A 5x7 photo album allows you to easily put more pictures on a single page, which means that you'll be able to fit more pictures in a single album.

Variety of Styles

At StorePhotos.com, you'll find a large selection of 5x7 photo albums for you to browse through. The great thing about Pioneer photo albums from our store is that you get to have fun with your album. A lot of 5x7 photo albums that you find in drug stores or big box marts are single colored and bland. They are kind of boring. You won't say that a photo album from StorePhotos.com is boring.

We have a number of different styles so that you can find a 5x7 photo album that matches your personality, or the theme of the images in your photo album. Some of the 5x7 photo albums that you can expect to find at StorePhotos.com include: Sewn leather bound albums, cloth frame albums, natural paper albums, embroidered magnetic albums, along with many others!

Another important factor to consider is the number of pictures that our 5x7 photo albums can actually hold. If you plan to have hundreds of photos in one album, then you want to make sure you find an album that can hold lots of pictures. At StorePhotos.com, you can find 5x7 photo albums that range from being able to hold 24 images all the way to 200.

So stop by StorePhotos.com and look into all the different options we have when it comes to 5x7 photo albums. We hope you have lots of fun assembling your favorite photos into your new album!