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5 by 7 Photo Albums: The Perfect Size for the Perfect Photos

In the age of digital cameras and the emphasis of sharing pictures pictures through social media, actual paper photographs seem to be making a discreet exit. Think about how many actual photographs you have seen in the past few months. Probably not that many, right?

But we are still willing to bet that there were a few pictures you remember seeing. These pictures were probably ones that were extremely important to you, or the person to whom they belong. That is why we take pictures after all: To capture moments we don't ever want to forget.

Therefore, if you have a number of treasured pictures, that you'd like to keep safe, consider arranging them inside 5 by 7 photo albums. Most pictures are printed off in this size and they would fit perfectly into one of these album's pockets. 5 by 7 photo albums from StorePhotos.com. Will give you peace of mind, knowing that all of your favorite pictures are safe inside of an album. Not to mention how convenient it will be to have your most influential pictures assembled in one location.

Additional Protection

There is another reason to consider 5 by 7 photo albums from StorePhotos.com: They are Pioneer photo albums. Pioneer is one of the most trusted names when it comes to the photo album and scrapbooking industry. Pioneer products are known for their great archival quality, which means that they will keep your pictures safe from fading, wearing away, or smudging. This is extremely important considering how hard it is to replace a picture once it has been damaged.

Additional Space

We know that each and every day you make countless new memories. You never know what you can expect, which is what makes life so interesting. Therefore, the chance for new pictures constantly exists. If you are concerned that your photo album might run of space to hold pictures, fear not! StorePhotos.com also offers you replacement pages for all of the 5 by 7 photo albums that are in our inventory. So take as many pictures as you'd like!

If you'd like to keep all of your pictures in one while, while also ensuring their safety, then consider on of the many 5 by 7 photo albums that you can find at StorePhotos.com.